Testimonials and Philosophy

Testimonials and Philosophy

Testimonials and Philosophy



Our philosophy regarding architecture is anything but new. A man named Vitruvius gave the definitive explanation around 2000 years ago:

Architecture exists in the coalescence of firmness, commodity and delight.

Good design must encompass these three criteria, the first two which are easily understood:


A building’s structural integrity


A building’s ability to accommodate a particular human activity on a particular site.


On the other hand is perhaps the hardest to define and sometimes most difficult to achieve. It is what separates architecture from mere “building”. It is that quality that goes beyond the mere ability to provide shelter and endeavors to elevate the human spirit by the skillful manipulation of such elements as light, color, and juxtaposition of space, texture, materials, and acoustics to create a beautiful building.

An architect is trained in many different disciplines, but it is this concept of delight, which is the most challenging. There are certain rules of design (notwithstanding the claim of some contemporary architects that anything goes). Abiding by rules such as composition, balance, symmetry, function, interaction of color, is transcendent with any project. It is organizing these rules, infusing the taste of the client; talent of the architect in a way that creates “beauty” that produces reaction of “delight” in a person.

We try not to have our own architectural style. That would be imposing our tastes on the client. Instead we try to abide by sound design principles to create architecture that solves the problems, serves the client and elicits delight.

Our Business Philosophy

By careful listening and interaction, ArchitektOne works with the client to define and prioritize goals. With this we combine an admixture of extensive training, research, over thirty years of experience, and professionalism to arrive at the solution which best serves our client.

In other words we are trying to be a different kind of architectural firm. So what’s the difference?

The philosophy of the firm can be boiled down to one word, “service”.

A different philosophy; Service.

You are the boss. We provide the service. You hire an architect to obtain expertise, training, experience and talent to serve your specific and unique building needs. We are not afraid to provide unconventional or extended service to our clients. Whether you want just a few hours of consultation on a potential project, or full blown design services, we will custom tailor our approach to serve you, usually at a fee which will leave you pleasantly surprised.

A different attitude; Can-do.

Mr. Berry has over thirty-five years of training and experience. We also have access to a wide range of consultants and engineers that are highly trained to solve whatever needs your project demands. Because of these resources, we feel very confident taking on most projects and doing whatever you require to make your project a success. We will go the extra mile to assure your satisfaction for having chosen us as your architectural firm.

A different focus; You.

We love good design and strive to make every project reflect your needs. You have unique building requirements based upon cost, function, aesthetics, schedule, quality, etc. We will work with you and for you to help you prioritize and define what you want your building to be. We will not be outdone in our desire to put you first and make you successful.

A different client; Satisfied.

If we design a building for you and leave you dissatisfied with any part of your project, then we have not done our job. Working with an architect on a building project should be an exciting and pleasant experience. That is why we strive to pay attention to the details, whether it be staying within the budget or just returning phone calls promptly. Remember, you are the boss, we provide the service.

By being efficient, ArchitektOne can achieve giving each client the kind of service they deserve. We’re not weighed down by sub-disciplinary teams who think they’re experts on every project type. We assemble the best team possible, including consultants, who truly specialize in the areas your project demands. Your project is important to us, and it’s going to be handled personally, at the highest level, with the day-to-day dedication of a partner.

Our philosophy is to do whatever it takes to make you satisfied with “ArchitektOne”!